Smoke and CO detectors

Our favorite product for the home is an interconnected smoke detection system. It is a fact that they save lives and it is our opinion that every home should have a system in place. Newer homes are required by code to have a system installed during construction.

An interconnected system will cause all detectors to alert if one detectors goes into alarm state. This feature alone makes a interconnected system worth the expense. In large homes a fire on one end of a home behind a closed door with a standard detector may go unnoticed to someone asleep on the the other side of the house. With every detector in all bedrooms and hallways going into alarm, there is no sleeping through it.

Smoke detectors are required in new homes and CO detectors are required when a home has a natural gas or LP supply for heating or appliances. These devices can really save lives when things go wrong with wiring or appliances. We strongly recommend installation of an interconnected system if you do not have one already installed.

Detectors do have a life span of ten years from the date of manufacture and need replacement at that time to ensure proper operation and detection of smoke or CO gas. Batteries should be replaced in the detectors at least once a year and tested every 6 months to make sure they are working. New batteries on the market made for this device can last seven to ten years and are a good choice as long as the detectors are tested often. Detectors are made to chirp if the batteries have gone bad.

We install BRK brand of detectors. They are very reliable and affordable. They offer both a smoke detector and a CO detector and are a great choice.

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