LED Lighting

The newest edition to the lighting industry is the LED or light emitting diode for use as an area light. They offer great energy savings and a long lifespan when compared to other green lighting solutions. Their current hurdle to overcome with this technology is upfront cost but some basic math shows a great payback over the life of the LED in both maintenance and replacement costs as well as with the electricity saved.

We offer LED lighting in several variations from replaceable bulbs that fit traditional sockets to fixtures designed specifically around the LED to give the optimum performance. The LED lights are available in several color temperatures to give a cold white or warm white appearance, better matching the desired look. We also offer a can retrofit that is a great product boasting a 5 year warranty.

LED lighting is great for landscape lighting applications, under-cabinet and task lighting, recessed can lighting and other applications.

We offer installation of LED for a variety of applications and would be glad to help you decide if they are right for you, for your existing lighting or future projects. Call us today for more information.

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