Lighting design and installation services


Lighting design services

hillsboro bank outdoor lightingOffered by us to assist you in achieving the look and feel you desire with your lighting in your home or your business. We can help you choose the lighting products and placement to get the most from your lighting according to your taste.

Our installation services for lighting provide a top quality installation at a great value. You can have peace of mind in knowing we are experienced with all types of fixtures and from small fixtures to giant chandeliers. We also offer re-lamping and cleaning services for lighting as well as ballast replacement for the fixtures that require it.

Lighting Installation Services

We offer retrofitting services to convert older fluorescent fixtures to the new energy saving ballasts and bulbs that provide a better light output and cost less to operate. For offices that have many of the old style lamps, the new style bulbs can save enough money on the power bill to justify the cost to retrofit the fixtures. As of July 2012, the old T12 F40 lamps will no longer be manufactured and are being phased out by the government. Retrofit or replacement of the fixture will be the only option the next time you need to have it repaired or relamped.


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