Electrical breaker panel replacement

The heart of your homes electrical system is the Load-center or panel box. This is where the over current protection resides for each circuit in your home and allows the safe use of electricity. The breakers inside connect each branch circuit, feeding power to different areas and appliances. In the event of a failure in the wiring or a device that causes more current to flow than the wire can handle, the breaker will shut off (trip) and prevent a fire. Like all things, the panel and the breakers connected have a lifespan and should be replaced if over 50 years old or if showing signs of damage such as arcing between a breaker and the buss bar stab it connects to or corrosion is present on the buss bars or other connections. Panels such as the Sylvania / Zinsco brand or Federal Pacific brand should be replaced, no matter the age or condition, due to known issues.

When its time to look at a replacement or upgrade we are ready to help. We would be happy to go out and give you an inspection of your panel to determine the condition and give our recommendations and a quote if repairs or replacement is the best way to go. We have seen many panels that did not need replacement, just some basic maintenance and we have saved a few panels by finding a problem before serious damage occurred.

Eaton's CH series panelWe are an Eaton Certified Contractor and install the Eaton, Cutler Hammer line of electrical products as our preferred product for any replacement or new application due to the reliability they build into their products. We offer both lines, the CH series, which is a great breaker and panel combination and the BR series which is a very reliable and affordable option. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on the CH series parts when you choose us to install a new electrical panel.

CH series arc fault breakerWe offer the installation and replacement of arc fault breakers such as the Eaton CH and BR series as well as all brands.

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