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Our Services

Residential Services

At Morningstar Electric, LLC we specialize in providing top-quality residential electrical services to our customers. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who are committed to ensuring that all of your electrical needs are met. From panel replacements to lighting installation, car charger installation, new circuits and generators, we have you covered.


Circuit Diagnostics

Morningstar Electric electricians are experts in troubleshooting and repair of electrical circuits. When things are not working as they should, we can help! 

Panel Replacements

If you're experiencing issues with your electrical panel, it may be time for a replacement. At Morningstar Electric, LLC we specialize in panel replacements and can ensure that your panel is up to code and functioning properly.

Many older homes have panels that have become obsolete in design or have reached the end of their service life. Not every panel that is older is necessarily bad, so we recommend an inspection if in doubt to the condition, we might find a problem before it becomes a bigger one. 

AFCI and GFCI protection

Modern residences now require technology that helps to prevent fires and electrocutions due to electrical faults. These devices are so good at what they do they have become mandatory for all new circuits, with a few exceptions. These devices can also be added to existing circuits on older homes. While not required by code, an upgrade can bring a circuit to the current standard and could possibly identify a problem that was not known about previously.

Smoke and CO Detectors

We install and replace hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We can replace the batteries with long life batteries and check the expiration date to ensure your detector is not expired or tell you how much time remains before a replacement is needed. New installations in an older home, of a hardwired and interconnected system is highly recommended for safety. Call today for a free estimate!

Surge Protection Installation

Almost everything has microprocessors inside, from smoke detectors to AFCI and GFCI protection, dimmers and smart home devices, hardwired cameras and more! Surge protection is not just for your PC and your TV! Surge protection is so important in a modern home, it's now in the 2023 electrical code as mandatory for new services, once the code cycle changes and it goes into effect. There are several options available. Call for a free estimate and we would be happy to go over the choices available for your equipment. 




LED lighting installation and retrofits

Ceiling Fan installation

Smart Home Devices and Cameras

Energy management 


Lighting Installation

Whether you're looking to install new lighting fixtures or upgrade your existing ones, our team at Morningstar Electric, LLC can help. We have experience with a wide range of lighting installations and can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Indoor Lighting

Recessed Lighting 


High Ceiling installations

Dimmers and Control

Under and over cabinet lighting 

Outdoor Lighting

Coach light installations

Add or replace coach lights. We can cut boxes into walls to make them flush!

High and low voltage outdoor lighting installations for residences, subdivision entries, club houses and pools.


Directional boring services for electrical conduit is available.

Parking lot lighting repair and retrofit to LED

We can repair, retrofit or replace parking lot light as high as 40-feet above the ground, call for an estimate!


Car Charger Installation

If you're in need of a car charger installation, look no further than Morningstar Electric, LLC. Our team has experience installing a variety of car chargers and can ensure that your installation is done safely and efficiently.

New Circuits

At Morningstar Electric, LLC we can help with all of your new circuit needs. Whether you're looking to add new outlets or install new appliances, our team has the expertise to get the job done right.

Pool equipment power

Pool Heater power

Spa and Hot Tub Power

AC system power


Dishwashers and Disposal circuits

Dryer, Ovens, Cooktops, Ranges and Water Heater circuits too.

Generator and backup power Installation

If you're in need of a generator installation, our team at Morningstar Electric, LLC can help. We have experience installing a variety of generators and can ensure that your installation is done safely and efficiently.

Generac Generators and transfer switches

Manual Transfer Switch and interlock installations for portable generator connections

Safe and reliable systems designed to do the job!

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