Interior lighting

We install new lighting and replace old lighting. We get many calls from people that just do not want to tackle the job themselves and understand the value of a professional electrician. If you have found a fixture you like, call us and we will install it for you. We also offer our experience with lighting to assist you if you are in need of some advice or suggestions.

Replacing your light fixtures or adding new lighting can make a big change in the look and feel of a room.  Many fixtures not only look different but may also illuminate an area differently. Adding dimmers can give a room more functionality and provide a way to change the feel of a room for different occasions.


Recessed lighting (cans)

Recessed cans are still a popular choice as they are simple in design and blend in with any decor. There are several styles of trims and size options as well as bulb types available. We would be happy to provide more information and give you a quote on your lighting project. We offer an LED retrofit for can lighting that dramatically reduces energy costs.



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