Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can add beauty, safety and security to your property. We have several options to choose from to fit any outdoor lighting need. We offer 120 volt and 12 volt lighting options for landscape lighting as well as installation of coach lighting, entry lighting, decorative posts, flood lighting and motion detection lighting for security and peace of mind.

RAB LED FloodLandscape lighting

We offer installation of both 120 volt and 12 volt lighting systems for landscape and architectural lighting. We can design a system that will give a great look to your home or business and change the night time appearance of your property from nice to WOW! Traditional systems to the new high efficiency and low maintenance LED systems or a combination of both, we can bring the look you desire to reality. We take the extra steps required during installation to minimize the maintenance requirements and ensure a great looking system.

Visit our page on landscape lighting for additional information. https://www.brandonelectrician.com/services-and-products-2/residential-electrical-services/lighting-upgrades/landscape-and-architectural-lighting/


Outdoor SconceCoach lights, entry lighting and post lights

Coach or carriage also called sconce lights mounted properly on each side of a garage can create a great look and many fixture options are available. Coach lights are good at providing the needed light to see the door lock on a car or to avoid tripping over an unexpected object in the driveway. Some models come with a motion sensor for an added level of security lighting or to reduce energy cost by only having them operate when you are walking near them or pulling into the driveway.  Entry lighting can be a simple recessed can or surface mount fixture above a front door entry or a chain hung pendant that compliments your homes look and feel. Side entries typically are wall mounted fixtures. We can order fixtures for you from a wide range of manufactures or install fixtures you have purchased elsewhere for any application. We also offer installation of decorative post lights for a more traditional look to your front or rear yards. Posts come in a variety of styles that have one or multiple lights and are a great accent that can help light pathways and areas you want to light from above.

Motion Sensor Light

Flood and security lighting

Flood lights are used in areas that need to be lit.  The fixture is mounted in an area that you are not worried about a decorative look. Flood lights are used to light areas such as patios, yards and where equipment may need to be maintained or operated at night such as where a pool pump and filter are located. Flood lights are typically controlled by a switch or can be connected to a photo cell or time clock. Flood lights can also be installed with a motion sensor for security. Some lights with motion sensors have additional features such as operating at night for a specific time after sunset or all night at half brightness and then going to full power once motion is detected. This feature reduces the electric bill when lights are kept on for long periods of time. Some models will flash a few times when motion is detected as an extra alert to motion detected. LED models are now available that dramatically reduce the power required to operate the fixture and eliminates bulb replacement for less maintenance. 

 Call us today for a consultation about your options for outdoor lighting. We can help you decide on the options that would best fit your needs. We would love to help you achieve the look and functionality you desire for your home or business.





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