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Hiring A Contractor

When it is time to call in the pros, here is how to make sure they are actually pros, and why it matters.

When you need help, whether it's with a repair or getting that wish list item checked off, it's important to do it right for both safety and in many cases savings.

The most important thing is to make sure you hire the right trade for the job and to make sure they are licensed. 

You can verify a contractor's license with the State of Florida at – License efficiently. Regulate fairly.

In the state of Florida most work to repair, install or modify a structure, it's wiring or other utilities, requires hiring a licensed professional. This is a special license issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and not a business or handyman license. It's easy to verify if a person is giving you a valid number with the website provided by them and you can search by contractor's name. 

The state requires that we carry insurance to have a valid license, but it never hurts to ask for insurance information and verify the person you are allowing into your home is covered. 

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