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Power Problems

Sometimes it's a simple fix, sometimes you need a Pro, here are some easy things to try.

No Power

Power is out in my home or business, check with neighbors to see if it's a bigger problem. If everyone else has power, you might have a tripped main breaker, or a problem on the utility side of your electrical service equipment. If you have a digital display on the electrical meter and it is blank, we recommend contacting the power company first as that is a good indication that the problem is with their equipment or connections.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped breaker will have the handle in the tripped or off position. To reset, move the handle to the off position until it clicks and then back on again. If a breaker trips it could be due to a fault or an overloading of the circuit. A breaker that has tripped and has been reset more than once should be investigated to determine the cause. 

Tripped GFCI

No power in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, garage, exterior or other wet areas could be a tripped breaker or a tripped GFCI device. A GFCI protects against ground fault shock hazards that can be present when water and electricity can be used in the room or area. These devices can be built into the circuit breaker itself or into an outlet installed at the beginning of the circuit that provides protection for all outlets connected after it. GFCI devices have a test button and a way to reset them after a fault or test. For breakers turn completely off then back on. For outlets simply press the reset button firmly until it clicks. If a device will not reset there is a fault present, and we can help fix that.

Holiday Light issues

Outdoor lighting can be a hassle when things do not work as expected. Sometimes the problem is the product, the two most likely problems are ground faults and overloads. A tripped GFCI device is the most common issue and it's not usually the problem, it's the symptom. Water is likely getting into connections and causing a ground fault. Devices made to waterproof connections where strings are connected end to end are recommended. if its dry out it could be a damaged string of lights. If anything connected will cause it to trip, it could be a bad device or a fault with the wiring and we would be happy to repair that for you. Overloading can also cause breakers to trip. We can help determine if you need additional power to get that display just right. 

Flickering Lights

Power quality issues, bad capacitors in appliances with motors such as your AC system or a Dryer are possible causes. A poor connection can also cause this. We do see a lot of cases where new LED lightbulbs are strobing or flickering and it's as simple as replacing the bulb. Some LED bulbs are not made for use with a dimmer switch and will flicker when connected to a dimmer. The bulb should say on it if it is or is not compatible with a dimmer switch. Some dimmers are not designed to work with LED bulbs even if they are dimmable. Modern dimmers are made for the newer types of lighting including LED. 

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